Celebrating Gay Culture

A Game So Tame You Can Play it With Your Mother!
Homogenius™, the gay trivia board game, celebrates culture and explores the contributions that gay people have made to theater, music, movies, television, publishing and politics.

The object of the game, which comes packaged in a stylish trunk-like box, is to come out of the closet by correctly answering a series of gay trivia questions in two categories: Rumor and Potpourri. Players start In the closet and whoever gets out of the closet first wins. Includes, 355 questions, 6 tokens, 1 die & colorful game board.

A Family Affair

When Marianne Trani gathered her family around the dining table to play trivia board games, her gay brother Charles often joined his nieces Allison and Chris.

For the benefit and amusement of Uncle Chuck, the girls often would add gay-oriented questions. Over the years this became part of the family tradition and brought the girls deeper and deeper into the gay culture. Today, their exploration has evolved into Homogenius™ the game.